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Quality takes hold.

Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana Srl produces, since 1985, high quality tights, leggings, stockings, stay-ups, knee highs and socks. The production for women and girls is full of the latest fashion proposals, classic items and special products made with noble fibres: silk, wool, cashmere and cotton with the addition of elastane for a perfect fit. The constant investments of Bandioli family have made it possible to expand the production spaces to ensure that all stages of production are carried out within the same plant. A requirement that allows full control of the quality of the articles produced, to ensure the uniqueness of our Made in Italy creations.

Since the nineties, Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana has presented its Trasparenze brand line of hosiery products on the market in two annual releases (spring / summer and autumn / winter), appreciated by customers who are attentive to quality and to the latest trends.

Saddle up: our path.


Our story begins in 1985, the year in which Bandioli family founded the company. Since then, every step has been taken to shape the perfection and quality we had in mind, passing through constant research and analysis of new fashions and trends. We have always worked to ensure rapid processes and valuable products with particular attention to the environment. As proof of this, we only choose REACH certified suppliers and we have installed a photovoltaic system capable of significantly reducing pollution: this responsible choice will prevent each year the introduction of about 255,000 kg of carbon dioxide into the air.


Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana was born


Creation of Trasparenze brand


New latest generation machinery for the production of fashion articles (designed)


Expansion of the company with the construction of a new warehouse


Setting up of a new packaging department


Installation of the photovoltaic system


New warehouse and expansion of the photovoltaic system


Digitization of the finished product warehouse

A good team.

Thanks to the investments made by Calzificio Nuova Virgiliana, its staff manages every phase of production within the company, with efficient machines capable of producing as many as 7 million pairs per year. The constant controls carried out in the production chain allows us to monitor production at all times and ensure the high Made in Italy quality of Trasparenze articles.

The yarn passes through the machine and turns into a semi-finished product, which are called in slang "tube". The tights are made one leg at a time and then assembled later. To guarantee the maximum quality of the finished product, without any defect, our operators carefully check each machine during processing.

Immediately after knitting, an operator carries out a further control to check that there are no defects in the “tubes”. Then they are sewn at the toe thanks to a special machine that first turns the article upside down to carry out the seam internally. Before seaming the “tubes” are cut at a specific point called "band" and then sewn manually by an operator who joins them inserting also the hygienic cotton gusset. This process can take place in two different ways, with automatic 2-needle seam or by hand with flat four-needle seam.

In our sector, ironing is called "boarding" and it occurs halfway through the production cycle to guarantee a homogeneous and uniform dyeing. During the boarding, the operators insert the assembled tights on special metal shapes which iron the products by heating with steam. Afterwards the tights are grouped in dozens, ready for the next step.

At this point of the production cycle, our operators prepare the articles for dyeing, by putting them in special steel containers commonly called "drawers". Each drawer is then placed in another larger container ("wardrobe") which will be transferred to the dyeing department.

Once the cabinets loaded with the products are ready, they are inserted into the dyeing machine. The colour is prepared in the laboratory by our chemist and inserted into the machine that dyes the whole cabinet in the same colour. The dye-house uses a recirculation of the same clean and purified water, which guarantees a homogeneous, antibacterial and eco-friendly dye.

After dyeing, the products must be dried. To do this, they are placed in a large centrifuge which discharges most of the water, but still remains wet. They are then brought to the department called "oven" where the operators place the products on the carpet roll of a proper machine that dries them slowly.

At this point, the products are ready to be worn. They are then brought into the packing department where our operators manually check and pack every single article produced. In this phase, the products are placed one by one on the operator's table, who inserts a cardboard in the middle and folds the product on. Then they are placed into a plastic bag and finally placed in the classic envelope that you are used to buying in the stores. The packaging department prepares the boxes for the finished product warehouse, dividing them by article, size and colour.

The products are placed in order in the warehouse to allow operators to prepare their shipments quickly and efficiently. In addition, in 2018 we digitized this phase by equipping each employee with a PDA which, through a barcode system, recognizes the order in progress and allows only the required items to be prepared within the shipment. The preparation of the orders and all documents is therefore fast and the possibility of making mistakes is eliminated.

Private label: : customizations that fit perfectly.


How does
it work?

The major Italian fashion houses choose our hosiery for the creation of high quality products in private label. Our experience makes us the reliable partner in support of companies wishing to outsource part of their production. Accuracy, speed, attention to detail and constant assistance allow a high degree of customization, with the guarantee of 100% Made in Italy quality.

What are
the benefits?

The possibilities offered by our private label are tailored to the customer's needs:

  • Creation of special items upon customer request
  • Freedom of choice of designs, sizes and product quality (even special yarns)
  • Specific customizations in the various production phases (special seaming and boarding)
  • Request of any colour for dyeing
  • Flexibility on the production of the packs and on the packaging operations upon request
  • Possibility to deliver the products, even unfinished, from any stage of production
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