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The durability and good maintenance of our tights, stockings, lingerie and leggings depend not only on the excellent quality with which we finish them, but also on the care and type of washing that you reserve for these garments. Find out how to preserve the fibres and materials from wear by always carefully consulting the care instructions on each package.


Lavare in lavatrice in acqua fredda max. 30°C-85°F con colori simili

Lavare a mano separatamente in acqua fredda

Il capo non sopporta il lavaggio

Se richiesto, stirare a bassa temperatura max 110°C-230°F

Se richiesto, stirare a media temperatura max 150°C-300°F

Se richiesto, stirare a media temperatura max 150°C-300°F

Non stirare

Non usare candeggina al cloro

Non usare asciugabiancheria

Possibilità di lavare a secco senza utilizzo di tricloroetilina

Non lavare a secco

Asciugare il capo steso orizzontalmente

Asciugare il capo appeso

Trasparenze tips

We recommend hand wash, in warm water and with a mild detergent. In order for the pantyhose to maintain its shape and elasticity, rinse thoroughly without rubbing, pulling or twisting. If you want to wash them in the washing machine, remember to wash them at a temperature below 40 °, preferring a short duration washing cycle and avoiding spinning. In addition, we recommend that you put them inside a special bag to wash your underwear in the washing machine or, if you don't have it, in a simple pillowcase to prevent contact with other garments (velcro, buttons, zippers) that can damage your tights.

If you want to keep the shape and elasticity of this delicate item intact, we recommend drying it by placing it on the clothesline in a horizontal position. Absolutely not recommended, especially for nylon items, leaving them to dry on the heater: a quick drying, in fact, would lead to a deformation of the product.

It is important to pay particular attention to the silicone part which, if properly maintained and washed, will last over time. The hold-ups should be washed by hand and the silicone must not be abrased. Remember not to put oils or creams on the skin area where the silicone will be placed, otherwise it may not adhere well to the skin. Both when you remove the hold-up and before wearing it, it is good to clean the silicone with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol to clean it well and allow greater adherence. The top of the hold-up must remain in the thigh area and not pulled up to the groin, positioned at least 3 - 4 cm below the buttock.

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