Many of the characteristics and qualities of Trasparenze products depend on the choice of materials. We only use the best fibres that ensure comfort and durability for a perfect fit.

Our fabrics


Natural fibre, of animal origin, is obtained from the fleece of particular goats and it is one of the most valuable existing fibres. Cashmere is soft, light, breathable and in contact with the skin it is comfortable and delicate. It appears shiny and bright to the eye.


Natural fibre of vegetable origin, cotton is soft and fluffy to the touch. It is a breathable and absorbent material which, in contact with the skin, gives a pleasant sensation of softness and well-being. It hardly causes allergies, for this reason it is also suitable for the most delicate skin.


It is a laminated synthetic yarn with a metallic appearance. It is rigid, sustained and brilliant. Lamé can have different shades, from the most precious ones like gold and silver to the warm ones like copper and bronze. It is suitable for enriching fabrics and it is often used in combination with other yarns.


It is a synthetic fibre combining several very thin filaments. Microfiber garments have high washability and strong breathability. The characteristic that distinguishes microfiber is its softness to the touch.


It is a synthetic fibre used mainly for tights and stockings. Nylon is a light material that is resistant to wear and traction. It is crease-proof and non-deformable, elastic and easy to care for and wash.


This synthetic fibre is water-repellent, stain-proof, non-deformable and resistant. Polypropylene has hypoallergenic and anti-odorant properties and, despite being a light fibre, it is considered very warm. It is often used in combination with other yarns to produce technical and fashion clothing.


This fibre of natural origin is considered the most noble and precious. Silk is a light, soft, elegant, thin, fairly elastic and rather tear-resistant material. Gloss is one of the most appreciated features, together with its insulating power, which makes it cool in summer and warm in winter.


Spandex is a synthetic polyurethane fibre widely used to elasticize fabrics. It is always mixed with other synthetic, artificial or natural fibres, to take advantage of its characteristics of high elasticity and flexibility.


It is an artificial fibre extracted from vegetable cellulose. Viscose is soft and bright, characterized by a silky appearance. This material is highly breathable and it is often mixed with other textile fibres to give the fabric a touch of freshness. For this reason it is very pleasant to wear viscose in direct contact with the skin.


This natural fibre, of animal origin, is soft, warm and it is an excellent thermal insulator. Wool is elastic and resilient, it hardly wrinkles and has a good fit.

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