The novelties Trasparenze for spring 2021 have been released in these days, have you already seen them?

The year 2020 did not give us the opportunity to create a real spring 2021 collection due to production blocks, but we certainly were not discouraged!

The items that you can buy as Flash for the spring season are nothing more than a preview of the autumn 21/22 collection that Trasparenze has prepared for next winter. It is a wide and complete collection. You will see how many novelties in it!

The choice of the article names for the collection has always been a challenge, because, up to now, we have really used a lot of themes, but for this collection the choice was intuitive. We used moods and feelings, because nothing is more appropriate for us in this period.

Although it is only a small flash, there is something for everyone, let's see them together.

For the romantic woman who loves to dress sensuously, Loving tights are the most suitable choice.

Discreet once worn, leaving exposed only the tattoo-effect on the ankle, it hides the more sensual side under the clothes just for your pleasure or for those you love to surprise.

Do you love a classic, bon-ton style or are you passionate about vintage style? For you the timeless polka dot design, available in both tights and hold-ups.




















Do you love to dare? Do you like to always keep up with the latest trends? 


Amazement is the right article for you.

The vertical black stripes can be worn as a pattern to make your look elegant or aggressive depending on the combination you choose for your look.




Do you love streetwear style? Or simply the comfort of a soft, comfortable legging, but with that extra touch that makes you more fashionable?


Here is the Happiness, a legging to wear with comfortable clothes, oversized sweaters, or under shorts.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for colour, there is no problem! Trasparenze offers you a range of articles in different deniers and it is impossible not to find what you want.

If you have chosen a Trasparenze article and love to post on social media, please tag Trasparenzeofficial!

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